Welcome to All Terrain Wheelchairs

With a wealth of experience within the wheelchair industry, All Terrain Wheelchairs has the main objective to empower people with a physical challenge and give them access to the great outdoors.

We believe we offer 3 of the most versatile & exciting power chairs you will come across.

  • The Extreme X8: The true 4 wheel drive chair, taking you beyond the limits!
  • The Frontier V6:  The most versatile power chair, enhancing your everyday life!
  • The Frontier V4:  A compact rear wheel option, great for on or off road!

Providing the finest all terrain wheelchairs in the world, each of these chairs give the user the choice to go where the majority of other chairs cannot.  Sand, Snow, Mud, Grass, Steep Hills even The Beach are a walk in the park for the off road capabilities of our chairs.  The Frontier V6, V4 and The Extreme X8, will really open up your world, allowing independence while breaking down the boundaries for any wheelchair user.